At ProEx, our aim is to bring our client’s vision into a well-designed reality. Our team of highly creative in-house designers works on the latest urban casual and beachwear designs so that wherever you are, and whatever you do, you are offered the latest fashion trends. Our clients can sift through our collection and give it their own unique spin. Our collection can supplement your collection or we can offer our collection as a complete story exclusively for you.

Our core speciality lies in being updated with the latest fashion trends that allows us to offer our clients the collection which is in tune with the times. 

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We also have a creative in-house graphic design team which works on creating exclusive prints as per latest trend reports and market tastes. Our graphics team can even design prints as per your design brief and market requirements.

Our design team remains unparalleled in modernizing our creative process to keep up with the changing times and latest trends.

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Our wonderful and highly-motivated merchandising team works extensively like your own in-house team to serve you. The best minds of the fashion and apparel industry come together to provide you a wide array of merchandising services.

  • Sourcing and procuring the trending and finest quality of prints, fabrics and trims from the market.
  • Understanding the design taste of the client (tech packs, sketches, any other information) and putting together impressive samples.

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  • Maintaining transparent conversation with the clients throughout the process of sample development.
  • Getting prints developed and seeking approval of strike offs. 
  • Coordinating with our sampling department to come up with the best possible results. 
  • Seeking client’s approval for fabrics and samples before mailing the required material. 
  • Keeping the clients in the loop by timely seeking all pre-production approvals. 

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Our sampling department includes the best of apparel industry professionals  who work dedicatedly to deliver you the best of samples and that too in time. Our sampling team includes sampling tailors, pattern masters, sampling merchandisers, sampling coordinators and sampling QC who help in delivering the best quality of samples to you. Our bid to constantly bring new ideas to life makes R&D in sampling, an integral part of our process.

Our sampling team is always keen to make beautiful samples from your photo inspirations, tech packs or hand drawn sketches. Once the proto samples and fits are approved we do our best to make beautiful photoshoot samples for your brand catalog.

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Once,  the perfect photoshoot of your catalog is done and if you need salesman samples for the purpose of pre-selling your collection, we can also make salesman samples, so that you can make excellent sales during the collection selling season. 

After the completion of the sampling process and pre-selling of the collection we move on to the next process of production of your collection.

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With our in-house production unit, we stand class apart when compared to other businesses in our line of work. We strongly believe in our team and have a strong in-house production department.

Our strength lies in our in-house production capacity of 50,000 pieces per month which is supported by the state of the art machinery. From cutting of the fabric to stitching, finishing, and final packing of the garments happen in our own factory. This gives us a 360 degree grip on perfect quality and timeline of production.

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We have a large production team which also includes a large number of Quality Control staff which we employ to make sure that production is checked at various stages to ensure a perfect product for your customers.

We believe that the right production should go to the client not only the first time but every time.

We believe in fair and responsible productions. All our workers are paid well as per government norms and regulations and they are paid on time.

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The rapport that exists between us and our clients purely depends on the ability to deliver high quality products and that too on time and every time.

At ProEx, we believe in maintaining and strengthening this bond over time. We understand that you can make wonderful sales by developing a beautiful collection but real growth comes from repetitive sales from loyal customer base. Your customers become loyal to your brand only when a promise of a beautiful “quality product” is fulfilled.

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High quality is our top priority and our topmost commitment to our clients. We ensure stringent quality checks and intervention, at multiple stages, so that we deliver the best of the products and come up to your expectations.

We deploy QC staff and checking processes at multiple stages of production:

  • We have an in-house fabric checking department. Before fabric goes for cutting, we thoroughly check the fabric for any stains, printing or dyeing defects, tears, or any other irregularity.
  • Once the fabric cutting is done, we check the cut bundles to make sure that cutting is properly done as per the pattern of the garment
  • On the stitching floor, we conduct mid-line inspections and post stitching inspections to check for any stitching defects and measurements of the garments.
  • Once the garment stitching is completed, the garment moves to the finishing floor where it is checked for stains, loose threads, measurements, shape of the garment. Once it clears all the checks, it goes on to folding and final packing.

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