Why Us?

At ProEx we truly understand what it means to be a world class manufacturing organization and at the same time being a great support to your brand. We are committed to be a part of your growth journey and be with you all along the way.

Some of our salient features are as follows:

1. Reliability

Your brand is your passion and to make your brand a huge success you need a
reliable manufacturing partner to be your strong backbone in this journey.

2. Honest & Transparent Dealing

In our every endeavor we are honest and transparent and ensure that our clients get complete transparency from us. Everything we do, we always think of your best interest.

3. In-house Infrastructure

Complete in-house infrastructure from cutting to final packing ensures that your work is done in the right way and that too in time, every time. Having in-house infrastructure ensures that we do not have to depend on outsourcing to complete our shipments.

4. Strong Sampling

A strong sampling team ensures that you get right fits and right samples. Also, from making the right proto samples, photoshoot samples and salesman samples, to making final PP (pre-production) samples, our sampling team is ready to go that extra mile to serve you.

5. Designing Strength

We have a creative design team which constantly works on new product innovations and researching the latest fashion trends.

6. Professional Merchandising

A great team which is there to ensure that all your sourcings, sample making, and productions are coordinated in the most professional manner and that too you get all the updates regularly. There is always someone in our team to listen to you.

7. Commitment to Quality & Timelines

We and our team are completely committed to ensure quality at each stage of garment production process. Also, we understand that in the fashion industry; the significance of timely samplings and productions.

8. Experience

Being in the garment industry for more than a decade gives us a complete knowledge and understanding of the garment manufacturing and garment wholesale/retail industry in various overseas markets. This helps us in devising solutions to suit your needs.

9. Communication

Working thousands of miles apart can be sometimes stressful if you do not have a manufacturing partner who communicates the way you want to. Strong communication and timely responses ensures that we are always on the same page and this journey becomes all the more smoother.